Peter Gilliland

I am a Australian self taught Artist based in Melbourne born in 1983. I am trying to achieve my own distinct style and technique through practice and observation. I like to paint Portraits, figures and fantasy art. To achieve a unique painting I collage several images together, filling in the gaps using my imagination. Small details, smooth paint application and high contrast is very important in my artwork. I like my paintings to really tell a story and have a purpose. Some of my inspiration comes from horror movies, retro sega games, signwriting and my passion for wildlife. I have been painting and drawing for as long as I can remember.

The following is a list of awards presented to Peter Gilliland:

Peter Gilliland's Award

Peter Gilliland's Award

Show Painting(s) Award
2014 Yarram Rotary Art Show Pink Tornado, Miss Behavn, Lady Luck, Miss Victoria and Polly Highly Commended (Oil and Acrylic)
2015 Yarram Rotary Art Show Let Me In Best in Show Prize
2015 Yarram Rotary Art Show Let Me In People's Choice Award

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"I don’t know much about Peter but saw one of his works at the Courthouse Gallery a couple of years and was blown away by it. He is a young artist and the work I saw was a beautifully painted portrait of a very conservative looking elderly gentleman in a bowler hat – holding a large pink fish on a beach. He looked slightly perturbed. It was a wonderful work and I am looking forward to seeing more of Peter’s work."

Deb Milligan - What you can see in Gippsland Over Easter? - 21/04/2011 (https://open.abc.net.au/explore/1217)

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